February 28, 2013

The Theme Song Of This Trip

After exploring 明洞 for a while, I started feeling go back home. I felt sorry for him because it seems like he wanted to hang out a little bit more, but anyway, I knew that I was tired. I told him I would just catch a train and go back to my Momo's. However, it was really really nice of him that he offered he would drive me there. But...there was a problem. I took a bus from 恵化 station when I went there. I didn't know the address nor the way to the bus station. Then, he told me to use his phone to call my friend. So, I called him, and they talked and he drove me to the university. It's a shame I'm not good at location so actually I asked Momo to come to pick me up to the place where we reached...I always get a help from kind people. I'm really thankful!

So, I got home with Momo safely. We talked about what we did that day. After a while, he suddenly started studying listening to the radio (It was an English class program, what a serious student he is!!) and when we finished, we went back to the conversation. You know, sometimes what you see, hear or smell, whatever, leaves you a strong impression and they will be connected tightly to each other so you will remember about the other when you meet one of them again. My theme music of the trip to Korea is definitely this song that Momo played that night...I just felt it was calm and the simple lyrics were just came into my heart. I think, the timing was just perfect.

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