January 23, 2013

We Shared Enjoyable Time Together!

Having a dinner, we talked about a lot of things. I was curious about the frequency of cerebrating anniversaries and how they do it for Korean couples (Haha, it's such a stereo type thing), and I asked some questions related to it. Despite they were such personal things, he talked about his case and we shared some experiences. Then, I reached the answer that probably, Korean guys are more romantic compared to Japanese guys in general (Hey, Japanese guys, you gotta make more effort!!), LOL.

Anyway, after chatting, we both became full. On our way home, we stopped by a few supermarkets to buy some boozes. Why just not one was...he had some specific thing on his mind and didn't want to get anything alternative. So we searched for the one he wanted until we found it! When we finally finished shopping, we headed home. When we came back to his small room, he tried to treat me with his "Special" coffee...but the funny thing was, he had no idea how to make coffee. He didn't even have a kettle, lol. So I tried to pour hot water somehow from the pot. And the coffee, that we had as the result of those trying, was a kind of thin, was better than I expected, and more than anything else, he was very happy. So that was good :)

When we finished coffee, he started peeling an apple. It was shocking for me to know he still had some space in his stomach after eating lots of food (I was still so full and had just a piece of it.) and we enjoyed talking seeing pictures of his past trip in Europe. There were a lot of pictures, and he told me the stories about each picture. I liked the part that he cooked Korean foods for friends whenever he went anywhere. And they liked it a lot!! Personally I haven't done such things yet and it's on my list. One of the problem is, since I'm traveling with a small backpack and bring it in the airplane recently, I can't carry so many things with me. Mmm, maybe some day :D

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