June 16, 2013

Choose What You Want To Spend Money On

As you know, I enjoy saving. However, I don't try my hardest to make my cost expenses to the minimum. Because, it will be too stressful to cut all the money that I don't need to spend to live. I can't go out for dinner or hanging out with friends, I have to refrain from purchasing favorite things as fashionable clothes, etc. Such things are not what I want. My small goal is cutting the cost for the things that are okay and spend a little bit more money for the things that enrich my life :)

Here is an example.
I need to drink something while working because the room is dry and we get thirsty easily. One of my co-workers buys a can coffee in the morning, and then, buy one or two plastic bottle drinks while she is there. I don't want to do such a thing because it's waste for me. One coffee costs 120 yen normally. One plastic bottle drink costs around 140 yen. So, she spends 400 yen for those drinks per a day. If you go to work 20 days per a month, it adds up to 8,000 yen. Personally, those drinks I have while working are just what I need and not worth 8,000 yen. So, what I do is bringing a thermos bottle from home. I pour coffee or tea, whatever and it usually last half a day. Do I buy buy something later for the latter of day? The answer is no. I keep tea bags at work and during lunch time, I just make tea in the empty thermos bottle :D So, I spend less than 100 yen for those drinks. Isn't it economical? The point is, you shouldn't refrain from buying drinks if you want to have something specific. Sometimes, I feel like having ha carbonated drink and buy it. Even if you do it a few times in a month, it doesn't add up to 8,000 yen, does it? :P

So the point is,
1. Cut the cost for things for your need which is okay to be anything.
2. Spend money for something you want.

Isn't it better to spend those 8,000 for having nice dinner with great friends rather than having not tasty drinks just to make your thirst satisfied?

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