January 16, 2013

There Is Always Someone Nice

Since I knew there is a reusable transportation card for buses and trains just as like in Japan, Taiwan or Singapore, I told the person in the information counter that I wanted to purchase one as soon as I got to the station. However, it was not available there. He told me it is available in Seven-Eleven...and there was no Seven-Elevens nearby. He showed me two options. First one is, going back to the airport building and purchase it. The other one is, getting on the train buying a regular card for single use, then purchase the reusable card somewhere in Seoul. I chose...the latter one. So I purchased a card for single use for 恵化 station and left for Seoul station. I had to transfer there to the line 4.

When I got to Seoul station, I got into a small accident. I went out from the gate (I didn't realize there is a way to transfer without passing the gate) and my card got invalid!! I felt myself so stupid. When that happened, there was no available information counter and I was confused. I purchased a reusable transportation at a convenience store I found at the station and tried to figure out what happened to my card asking the store clerk but it failed since she doesn't speak English so much. Kindly, a girl who was waiting for a check behind me followed me later and I got to figure out what I did wrong. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the small money back but she helped me with refunding the single use card. When she left, she smiled and said, "Have a nice trip!" :)

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