October 9, 2007

Smile Smile Smile...

I like taking snapshots. Most people take a lot of snapshots of their friends, families... so, maybe about humans, but I prefer taking snapshots of views or buildings rather than humans. If you see pictures that were taken by me, you will notice that there are little pictures of humans.

I also rarely take snapshots of myself. That is because I want to be pretty in snapshots, lol. Fashion models are always smiling lovely in magazines. Sadly, I can not smile like them, and also know that I can not be prettier than what I am. But I think, probably all girls want to be at least what as they like in their snapshots. I feel that whenever someone turns a camera toward us, we can not smile naturaly, and maybe we don't like ourselves in the picture with our forced smile, lol. But I believe that almost everyone would be so unless they are a fashion model!

However, if a snap is taken when we are not thinking about the camera, or when we are enjoying something, the snap should be nice one! The natural smiles will be printed out on the photo! If the happy atmosphere of the photo made people who saw it smile too, it must be a very very nice photo! I would like to be able to take such snapshots. If I get skills like that, I will enjoy taking snapshots more.

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