October 8, 2007

Cluster Amaryllises and Blood Type

Cluster Amaryllises are in bloom from summer to autumn in Japan. Its Japanese name is 'higan bana'. 'higan' means the equinoctial week, and 'hana' means flowers. The languages of the flower are 'passion', 'sad memories', ' independence', 'meeting again', 'resignation'. I don't have any interest in languages of flowers, but sometimes I think that they are interesting. About this flower, I showed 5 words now. But hey, don't you think that 'passion' and 'resignation' are opposed to each other? lol.

Because of the name of this flower, there are some people that do not like it, however I like it. Their vivid red color stands out in the green back ground. And now, I found an interest thing about the flower from an website. All Japanese cluster amaryllises have the same gene and it is triple. So, they do not have the distinction of male and female and can not breed from its seeds.

By the way, I remembered about blood types from the word 'gene'. Among Japanese girls, judging people's character from blood types is very popular. It is said that people whose blood type is A are serious and also nervous people, and people whose blood type is B are optimistic... It may be an incredible thing, but it is a fact. Some girls really believe such things! And under the theory, there are what is called 'well suited blood types'. For example, blood type A and O can go out well. So, girls ask a guy who they love his blood type and get glad and sad secretly, lol.

Of course as a point of scientifical view, such a judgement is stupid. The chromosome which decides a person's blood type is different from the chromosome which decides the person's character. However, applying things to some types makes things simple to think. It may be the reason of why such a thing is popular among us.

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