October 7, 2007

I Do Not Want to Be Fat...

When I came back home from my short trip to Canada, I found that my mice got fatter than before. I was sure, it was because of my dad!! He fed them a lot! Poor mice, their belly became definitely fatter than other parts (however they may have been happy that they could eat a lot). I remember, in Tokyo Disney land, pigeons are very fat. A lot of people eat popcorn or cookies there, and they feed birds with dropping them.

Then, I thought of my trip... Canadian foods were usually huge compared to Japanese foods. When we orderd foods at a restaurant, they came with a big dish. My sister and I thought the volume of the foods were for 2~3 people if they we were in Japan and included more fat than our foods. We tried eating them as much as possible because it was 'mottainai' if we leave them, but of course couldn't. But hey, think! If we keep eating them everyday, as much as possible, what will happen?! lol. I'm sure that we will keep gaining our weight. I'm not so skinny as Japanese, (I hope that I am averedge), but was sure that I was at least skinnier than their averedge in the country.

One of the things that made me surprised in Canada was the price of juice and water. Juice was cheaper than water! And it was hard to find drinks withought sugar. In Japan, there are many kinds of non sugar tea in the stores. But there, we could find only water (about non sugar drinks) and most of the price of water was higher than that of juice or cola!!! Usually, I do not drink sweet drinks when I am eating dinner. If I do, it should be orange juice or like that. But in Canada, we drank sweet drinks during having dinner because we couldn't read the menu. We sometimes drank even cola with dinner during our trip. In Japan, I NEVER do that!! So, it was a weird experience, lol. At a restaurant, my sister ordered a glass of tea. It is normal here when we order that, a waiter brings us a glass of straight tea and it comes with a small pack of gum sirup. Of course she was expecting that. However, the tea came withought a gum sirup, and it was so sweet. Poor sister! She wanted to drink not sweet tea!

So, through eating foods, we stocked a lot of fat there, lol. But at the same time, we walked a lot. It was nice that we had to walk a lot for sightseeing, wasn't it? However, I haven't weighed myself since I came back to Japan. Don't you think it is scary?

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