June 29, 2010


It's still far yet, but I'm thinking of taking a day off on my birthday this year. It might sound stupid for you since I've heard that people take a day off on their birthday because they don't want to work on their special day (I'm not sure if it's truth tho), however, I haven't done it. As for me, the day has been something special, but not that special. It just hasn't been that different from other general days. I haven't gotten expensive things as a present from parents, but got some small money because the limit of the price was too low to buy something like what my friends got for their birthday (you will be shocked if I tell you the price). So I'd rather have gotten the small money itself. And since my birthday was during what is called summer vacation in old days, I was rarely celebrated by friends. Most of them forgot about it even they said something like "Let's do something on your birthday" before vacation started.

I also haven't gotten presents what usually girls expect their bf to give. I know that there are bunch of girls that want their bf to buy something nice on their birthday, but I think I'm a kind of odd girl. I haven't asked for birthday presents to my bf...correctly just twice in my life. I remember one of my friends said it was of course that her bf had to buy something she wanted on her birthday or Christmas. Actually, she was complaining about his sense because whenever they went out and browsing stuffs at the stores, she gave him some hints of things that were her taste. However, what he gave her on the special day was very pointless. She was mad about it, and complained while we were eating lunch, lol.

My memorial birthday was when I turned 20 years old. It was also during summer vacation and I was staying over somewhere with my bf and a few more friends for meeting. My birthday was already celebrated a few weeks ago when we did BBQ on the riverside, so I really didn't expect anything. I didn't even have the idea that they remembered the exact date. However, it happened. I was with some other people of from other universities, and my friends searched for me and took me to their room in the midnight. They told me that they bought a cake for my birthday, and celebrated my birthday when the day came. Actually the cake was a simple one, not exactly a cake, but a kind of sweets that they got at the souvenir shop at the hotel. It was such a simple thing, but I would never forget that day. I wept for the first and the last time in joy. Their simple kindness became the thing that I can't forget. The was definitely my best birthday in my life.

So, I'm thinking of taking a day off on my birthday this year. Thinking of past a few years, there was nothing special. I usually worked on my birthday. I went to part time job when I was student, and went work as well since I started working. I didn't do anything special. I even didn't meet my bf. It's normal to meet bf or gf on a day around birthday to celebrate however we can't do it on the exact day. However, I didn't do it. I even wonder if I was celebrated my birthday in person, lol. Maybe not. I even rarely received presents from them. I'm sure if I received something from someone I was in love, I wouldn't forget about it. But don't take it wrongly, I'm not complaining about it. I'm not saying that my bf was cruel or something since I was the one who usually told them I didn't need anything.

I said that not because I didn't want anything. I just didn't want to force them. If they give me something, it has to come from themselves. They don't have to give me a present because of birthday. However, if they feel like giving me something to make me happy on the special day, doesn't the feeling itself mean anything? So, I appreciate it and actually it's the thing that delights me the most.

Anyway, it's just a random thing that I felt like getting a day off this summer. I hadn't thought that way, but I just thought it would be like a small present for myself. I can choose how to spend whole the day not just after work. Everything is up to me :) It will be great, won't it be? :P However...I don't know if I want to do it just for enriching my somber days, lol. At least, I'm sure its not kind of a thing that someone gets hurt because of it. So, it will be fine ;)


Alexis said...

Happy not yet birthday =D

ばれりー said...

Hahaha, thanks. I wonder if it's something to be celebrated tho, lol.

Alexis said...

i totally should. count the days and celebrate how many days away it is ;)

joven said...

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