June 6, 2010

Another Encounter

It was around 4PM when I came back to the hotel. As soon as leaving some stuffs in my room, I went outside. I was thinking of going to pick up my Ao dai to the store. When I came out of the lobby, I bumped into Duong (it's the manager's name who I talked about), so I said hi. He asked me why I didn't come and I told him I did, but the room wasn't available. He told me that he had an available room the day so I could stay, however, I nicely rejected it. It was troublesome to bring my backpack there, and I would have been charged for the room I had over stayed (the check out time was 12:00 I think).

When I met him, there were a middle aged guy (Satoshi) and a young guy (Yoshitaka) taking a seat at Duong's GH. He told me they were Japanese, so we said hello and started talking. They told me they were going to have dinner with a few more people, and asked if I would come with them. Why not? They guy told me they were gonna meet up at 6PM. Yoshitaka left soon but Satoshi and me stayed there and kept talking. After a while, he told me he wanted to go back to the room once so I left there as well and went to get my Ao dai.

When I came back, Satoshi, Yoshitaka and another girl were already there. We walked to the Sinh Tourist to meet up a few more people. Finally, we became a group of seven people. As soon as saying hi to each other, we moved to a restaurant that Satoshi wanted to go. We introduced ourselves there, ate, drank and chatted. Everyone's age is different. We live in different cities and have different jobs. What made us connected was that our nationality and the fact we met by chance being in the same city in same day as solo tourists :) Unfortunately, one of us was leaving in a bit. However, the rest of us went to a stall to grab some more alcohol after the restaurant. Being at the stall, a Vietnamese friend of a girl's joined us. We spent great time holding drink and one Japanese guy tried hot vit lon (an egg of duck's which the baby has already grown up inside). Since the stuff was something we could never see in Japan, and looked so disgusting to eat, we all surrounded him and took pictures. After the stall, some of use went to eat pho, but me and another girl Saki went back to the hotels. It was already late and we wanted to take a rest. Since she was going back to Japan by the same flight, I decided to go to the airport with her because she told me she had booked a pick up service. We made a promise when and where to meet up tomorrow evening, and said good night.

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