June 5, 2010

Mekong Delta

Next day, I went to Mekong Delta by one day tour. I'd already booked the tour before going to Hue :) I wanted to join the tour because I had read someones review on Internet, and it sounded nice. At that time, I've already gotten used to join tours alone. When I took a seat on the tour bus, I noticed a Japanese couple was sitting near by. I said hello and we had a small conversation. They told me the guy came there a few days ago, and the girl came just yesterday. She was wearing a big scarf over the jacket, long one-piece dress, hat, and also big sunglasses. It looked like she never ever wanted to be sunburned, so I mentioned about it, and she said yes.

Even I had them on the same bus, I didn't talked to them so much. You may wonder why, but the reason is simple. In Japan, we usually have societies which are called village society. If a group is already made with people who know each other since before, it's hard to get into the group as a stranger. Of course they let you join if you ask. I don't think they are going to reject you in a situation like this. However, I'm sure in most cases, you won't feel so comfortable being with them because the atmosphere will be something very familiar with them but with you. So, when we went somewhere and took seats, I tended to sit with other people.

We visited a rice paper factory, a coconut candy factory, and a honey bee farm. We also took a boat and a carriage to transfer. I got a chance to talk to several people during the tour, and whom I talked to the most were a couple from Europe (sorry, I forgot the exact country name), and a Singaporean lady. I purchased nice spoons made of coconut trees when I went to an island, and I can't wait to use them!! (Maybe I will use them when I leave home.) I tasted some booze that has snakes in it (the tour guide said the booze helps men to make babies!! lol), at the coconut factory and it was way too strong. I felt like my stomach burned up when I swallowed it! What I liked the best to eat/drink during the tour was a cup of tea we had at the honey bee farm. We squeezed a lime into a cup, put honey, and green tea. It was really great. I think I can make it at home as well. But one problem is, the green tea was what was different from Japanese regular green tea...maybe it was made from flower. I have to find it...or, maybe I can use black tea instead. Anyway, I enjoyed the tour :D

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Blessed Rain said...

beautiful and I am glad you are unafraid to enjoy your life doing things alone.

ばれりー said...

Thank you!! Yes, I really enjoyed my trip. I'll keep posting a few more posts! I hope you'll visit them and enjoy reading :)