June 17, 2010


I think, maybe the last a few hours before leaving for airport were a kind of most exciting time. Excitement and danger were two sides of the same coin. It wasn't dangerous in the end, however, it would have been my responsibility if something happened there. Simply, I had to trust my sense. My heart beaten fast when I was packed in the car with some Vietnamese and a Japanese. I was the only female there. I didn't know most of them. If I could say I know someone, it was Duong and his Japanese friend. That meant if I was kidnapped, and was killed somewhere, no one would know. I had a promise to meet up with Sakiko at 9PM at her hotel, however, I was sure even if I didn't appear, she wouldn't take is so seriously. Me and those guys left the hotel around 8PM and I was not sure where we were going. I was in a space where the language I didn't understand even a word flew back and forth surrounded by guys. I had a strange feeling inside there, which expectation and insecurity were competing.

After 15 minutes or so, our car arrived at a wedding ceremony hall. Duong and me got off firstly, and went through the door. He told to the receptionist that we were going to karaoke, and we went upstairs. Since no one followed us quickly, there were only me and Duong. I felt a little bit uneasy and asked him if we shouldn't wait. He told me they were coming soon, and we kept going up. And it brought me a coincidence. I don't know if it was on purpose, but all of a sudden, he asked me if he could kiss me. I was flurried and didn't understand what he said since I was busy to think what he held my hand for, and before I understood his words," he kissed me quickly. How dare he did such a thing!!! However, I didn't miss escaping from being hugged v(^_^)v But I'm sure I wouldn't have missed striking a blow IF he kissed on lips :P Thus, I placed him as a play boy, lol. I didn't expect I would be purposed to by a Vietnamese guy at a ceremony hall~ how romantic (j/k).

When everyone got to the karaoke room, they started singing. The karaoke machine was very high-tech...it was actually something similar what we saw in Japan 15 years ago or more I guess, and there were only Vietnamese songs. OK, there were some English songs as well, but I didn't know any of them. The only song I knew was 'Let It Be' and I didn't know whole of the song. I hadn't expected that I would go to karaoke with Vietnamese guys, so it was interesting. Everyone sang being drunk. I ate noodle with his Japanese friend seeing people making whoopee singing and dancing. It was such a surrealistic space.

At 15 to 9PM, I left there. One of them drove me to the hotel. Getting my backpack, I waited for Sakiko. On way to and at the airport, we chatted a lot. She told me maybe she would have fell in love with one of the guys we had dinner with if she spent time with him a few days more. I said, yeah you might be. Even I didn't fall in love, I also feel something special to people I met during my trip. It may be just one chance encounter in a short unusual life, and actually I'm sure it will be. However, therefore it makes a strong impression. I remember Duong told me not to forget about him. Surely, I will never. Maybe in the future, when I see pictures of Vietnam or eat Vietnamese foods, I will naturally remember about my trip to Vietnam. I don't think I will forget what I felt and experienced there because it was a part of my unusual life and He naturally lives there. I'm sure he will be the one if one of us forget about the other since I'm just one of those travelers who come and go in front of him as a manager of a GH.

Thus, my trip which had adventures and a slight romance(?) reached its finale. It was good I spent the last a few hours with Sakiko and talked a lot. It's an unfortunate thing that she lives in Hokkaido. However, I want to see her again whenever I get a chance...not just her, but everyone I saw there. I met a lot of nice people there! Maybe I will never forget about them, and I'm glad if they also remember about me sometimes when they look back about their trip. A guy's words pushed my back to Vietnam. I'm not sure yet, but a book that a girl I met there recommended may lead me to next place. However it seems that I can't be free for a while, I don't think I will give up jumping into an inordinately days with full of excitement. Hopefully, a year later, I'll be somewhere carrying my backpack again. Because, I find myself being cheerful when I carry my backpack♥


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