June 2, 2010

A Wild Girl On The Riverside

When I came back from the tour, I still had some time since the girl told me the flight would be delayed. The original time was 20:10, and it changed to be 21:55. I had booked a pick up service to the airport and she told me I should come back to the hotel at 7PM. Since I had a few hours left, I decided to walk around the city.

Checking my unreliable map (lol), I found a sign of a market on the other side of the river. I was not sure if it existed, but decided to take a look of the place. The view from the bridge was a kind of beautiful, but it was still hot. When I came close to the other side, I noticed that there was no market but a big SUPERMARKET!!! YAY!!!

The supermarket looked very new and there were a lot of stuffs. I remembered I couldn't find rice papers when I dropped to a supermarket on the way to the restaurant with Fredy last night, so I wanted to to buy it and some other things like yogurt or something to eat as well. When I went to the other supermarket, the store clerks didn't understand English at all. I asked them if they had rice papers, but no one understood me, and they told me they didn't have. So I wondered if they really didn't sell rice papers because spring roll is such a popular food in Vietnam. Anyway, I asked someone in the supermarket if they had it but they said no. I was disappointed but tried to make sure if they really didn't have rice papers, and finally found it by myself. How dare they didn't want to sell rice papers to a foreigner, lol.

At the supermarket, I bought those rice papers, a mango (again!), yogurt and an ice cream :) There were some tables for the small restaurant area in the supermarket. However, since I didn't think it was nice to eat what I bought there, I went out and walked toward the river. I was a little bit worried if I couldn't find a place to eat at the riverside since I had an ice cream in my bag, but soon, I found a bench under a big tree in the park beside the river.

I think it was the most relaxing moment I had in my whole time in Vietnam. The park was quiet and the sun was going down. The air was slowly becoming cooler, and the wind from the river was inexpressibly comfortable. I wished I could sleep and just spend hours there! When I was eating things I bought, I found a local middle aged guy over there looking at me sometimes. I bet he was wondering why a strange foreigner girl was biting a mango under the tree. Too bad I'd left my knife in my backpack at hotel!! You can imagine how much I was disappointed when I found out. But it was not that bad because I still had some wet tissues in my bag to wipe everything afterwards!

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