June 1, 2010

One Day Tour In Hue

The people who joined the tour were kind of a group of lazy people. We visited 5 or 6 places during the tour, but most of them didn't go everywhere. It was because the tour guide told us the first temple and the second one were kind of similar things and if we didn't feel like going, we could skip some places and wait on the bus. He also told us we could also save money if we skip some places.

Actually, the fare to go inside of each place was kind of expensive as a fare to visit somewhere in Vietnam. However, each fare was 3$ or so (I don't think it's that expensive, do you?), and thinking of how many times I visit there in my life, I didn't think it was better to skip any of the places. However, people really didn't get off the bus when we got to the second temple and I was surprised how lazy people were, lol. Yeah, it was kind of understandable that they didn't want to get off. The temperature was 40 degrees and there was almost no wind and also no roofs protecting us from the strong sunshine on the long way to the temples from the gate. However, the number of people who got off at the second temple was too small. It was only a few Vietnamese, me and another foreigner guy.

Since no one else came to see the temple, I got a chance to talk to the foreigner guy. He spoke to me and asked me where I was from. He was from India. He told me he joined the tour with his wife and little daughter, and they were waiting on the bus. I thought his wife was an Indian as well, but when we went back to the bus, I noticed she wasn't Indian. She is Vietnamese. She told me she had learnt Japanese for 3 years and used it when she worked at a Japanese company. However, when she changed her job, she lost the chance to use it and it went away. So like this, because I didn't skip the second temple, I got an opportunity to talk to his family and ate lunch with them during the tour. When we were at a restaurant, they told me that their daughter's name was Sushi. Since it sounded like sushi, I said, "oh, it sounds like Japanese food". And then, she told me that since she loved sushi so much, she named her daughter Sushi as soon as she was born. It was an interesting story, but I was not sure if she was serious, lol.

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