May 31, 2010

The Night At Hue

Since I could stay only one night there, I had to do something. I had to go to the tourist agency to book an one day tour for next day. I remembered we had passed the agency on the way to the hotel, so I didn't get lost going there. There were some Chinese people talking loudly beside the counter when I got there, and I didn't know if they were waiting or not. But soon, I recognized that they were just talking. So I spoke to the lady behind the counter and told her that I wanted to go on an one day tour. While booking, she asked me where I was from and I told her I was from Japan. She asked me if I wouldn't go to Nha Trang because a lot of Japanese visit there when they come to Hue. I told her I had no time to visit since I was staying only one night. When everything was done, I got a piece of paper and left there. On my way to the hotel, I took a look of the paper and I found something.

"Nationality: American".

...Why? I thought I told her I was from Japan.

I didn't go back to the hotel straightly since I found a supermarket on my map near by. SUPERMARKET!!!! It sounds delicious!! I love browsing local stuffs in supermarkets whenever I go abroad. However, the place that was supposed to have a supermarket was in ruins. Sorry, it looked like a ruin. I was not sure if it was a ruin or was just under the construction. However, one thing that was clear was "there was no supermarket". You have no idea how much disappointed I was. So I left there and went back to the hotel. Why had buildings on my map been already destroyed? Vietnam Airlines in HCMC and this supermarket.

When I came back to the hotel, I asked the receptionist where Fredy's room was and if he was still there. I wanted to ask him for a dinner because both of us were alone. It's much better to have someone to talk to while having a meal. I knocked the door and got a respond. I told him it was me and he opened the door. Uh oh, he was...NAKED.

I didn't expect it. Actually, he was taking a shower. But please don't worry, I didn't see anything because he was behind the opened door, lol. I apologized that I came at the timing to disturb his enjoyable shower time, and asked him if he would mind having a dinner with me. How nice, he said it would be great! Thus, I got someone to eat dinner together :D

We went to a restaurant that he found on his guidebook. It seemed not so close from our hotel, but we chose walking there. Luckily, both of us like walking. It took some time to get there (actually, we dropped in a supermarket when we found one) but I'm sure both of use enjoyed walking especially when we walked the riverside. It was getting darker and cooler, and there was a nice wind. We talked a lot while walking. I felt very peaceful in my mind walking the riverside even though I remembered about something sad.

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