May 26, 2010

Good And Affordable Foods

After the half day tour, I was planning about going to the museum that Yuta talked about (actually, it was one of the biggest reason I chose HCMC this time), and go shopping to order Ao dai. But before going those places, I needed to eat lunch. When I was walking around Bui Vien st. looking here and there, searching where to eat, I guy came and spoke to me. I was cautious firstly, but soon, noticed that he wouldn't do bad things to me. The guy works at a Japanese travel agency around the area, and was handing handmade guide maps to people. NICE TIMING!!! I asked him if he knows a good cheap place to eat :) He told me a couple of places that he likes and I said thank you and left there.

After a few minutes, when I was walking with wonder where the places were, another guy came and spoke to me. He asked me what I was doing, and I told him that I was searching for a place to eat my late lunch. He told me he had his favorite bar near by and he would take me there. I asked him if the place was close from where we were and since it was just a few minutes by walk, I decided to follow him.

At the bar, I ordered chicken pho and fresh spring rolls :) He told me he was from US military and was working at a base till he broke his shoulder one day. The doctor said it wouldn't get better, but actually, it's getting better now so he is asking for working in the military again. He told me had kept visiting HCMC often since 5 years ago and was bored when he found me, so he spoke to me. He asked me what was my plan for the day and I told him that I wanted to go to the museum and maybe shopping afterward. He told me he would come with me but I wanted to do something before leaving for the museum;

Wish list 3: Finding a place to stay that night

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