May 27, 2010

Going On A Round Trip To Hue

Wish list 4: Taking local buses

Next day was the day that I was leaving for Hue with taking a domestic flight. I knew that there was a local bus that goes to the airport from Ben Thanh Bus Terminal. Actually I wanted to use it instead of pick up service if I got at the airport in the daytime when I came from Japan. That was too bad the arrival time was late at night :((Buses are available only from 6AM to 6PM.) Anyway, in the morning, I wanted to take a look of the bus terminal and check how it was working and stuff before leaving the hotel. I didn't want be unsure what to do when I carry my backpack. The bus terminal was just in front of Ben Thanh Market and it seemed almost all the people who were waiting for buses were local people...Hahaha, who cares!! It looked a small adventure for me :)

After taking a look of the bus terminal, I went to the market as well. Actually, I already went there last night, but the market building was already closed. There was a night market around the building, so I ate dinner and browsed stuff there instead. I also bought two mangoes at a fruit store near by the market, but browsing fruits stores in Ben Thanh, I noticed that I had been overcharged. How dare! I paid almost twice as much as regular price!! I promised myself that I wouldn't be overcharged when I get mangoes again...actually, I bought another one at the market, lol.

Thus, I came back to the hotel with a mango. I didn't buy anything else that I have to bring back to the hotel since I was supposed to come back to HCMC next day. So, I didn't want to do a round trip with stuffs I never use till I come back to Japan. I just wanted to check what I can buy as souvenirs when I come back :) After eating the mango, I checked out the hotel and came back to the bus terminal with my backpack. The manager told me to come back when I come back to HCMC, but I said I was not sure because I was really not sure if I would come back to the hotel.

After waiting for 15 minutes at the terminal, the bus came and I left for the airport.

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