May 26, 2010

On The Way To The Museum

Scott told me he would come with me to the museum however it was boring for him (I wonder why). I was thinking about walking there because I do like walking around when I go abroad because just hanging around the city is interesting for me. It was quite hot and humid the day, and Scott told me it was better to take a taxi and he would pay for it. Since he was saying that, we took a taxi to the museum. However, the taxi driver sucked, lol. I'm not a person who takes taxi often but I'm sure it never happens in Japan; the taxi driver doesn't know the way.

Firstly, he didn't understand English. It was alright tho. We showed him the map and pointed the place. He looked confused and asked a lady who was helping people taking taxi where it was!! HOW DARE THE TAXI DRIVER DOESN'T KNOW THE WAY!! She asked us where we were going and once we told where, she looked disgusted of the driver maybe because it was too close to be unknown. It looked like she was yelling at him complaining like "why don't you know the place!!" lol. As she told him the way, it seemed that he got it, but once he started driving, it was easy to tell he really didn't know the way to the museum!! He stopped sometimes and asked other taxi drivers the way, and went back and forward. Actually, Scott knew the way but he didn't say anything to the driver because he really didn't understand English. Since it was obvious that we were going here and there, I asked Scott if it was taking too much. Of course his answer was yes. I also asked if it happens a lot there because I've heard of such things but he told me he hadn't experienced before. After a while, finally we got to the museum. The driver looked so relieved at that time but I was wondering if we had to pay the price on the meter since it took more than reasonable time. However, I don't know how much he paid because I got out from the car firstly. That was too bad for him, but for me, it was a kind of interesting experience, lol.

When I was about to go into the museum, he changed his mind and came with me. When we were on the taxi, he told me he would leave after taking me there. However he came with me, it didn't seem he was enjoying being in the museum. I knew that he had been here before, and maybe there was a kind of uncomfortable place for Americans. I asked him if he was bored once (the answer was yes), but didn't say anything more because he was the one who chose coming with me by himself. After a while, when he was leaving there to meet his friend, I said thank you to him. Actually, he did nice things to me :)

Seeing the exhibitions there reminded me the words Yuta said. I tried to do the same thing as he did, but it was too hard to do with my compact camera. So I gave up, but tried to burn the pictures in my eyes.

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