May 31, 2010

We Are Popular Anywhere!

It was funny. As soon as leaving the bus, we were surrounded by people who wanted us to take their motorcycles or Xi cros. They said that the would bring us to hotels that they recommend, and it would take only 2$. According to the map, where we were wasn't far from where cheap hotels were. How dare they tried to overcharge us for the distance which takes just for a few minutes by walk!! Lol. Of course we ignored them and left there toward the hotel.

When we started walking, some people came close to us and started recommending hotels. We had been ignored them until one of them mentioned about the exact hotel that we were searching for. Fredy and I followed the guy and got to the hotel easily. We told them we needed one room for each person, and the girl at the reception told us one room costed 8$ per night. Since 8$ sounded cheap, I didn't expect too much. However, the room was much better than I thought. It looked light because of the windows, was wide enough and there was a bathtub in the bathroom!!! I didn't really need a bathtub, however, it was the only one hotel that I had bathtub among the 4 hotels I stayed in Vietnam. At that price, the room was worth a lot. Actually, the hotels I had already checked when I was in Japan costed more than 10$. So, it was great that I decided to follow Fredy to search for a hotel XD

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