May 26, 2010

Getting A Room To Sleep Tonight

I was not sure if Scott really wanted to come with me to search for a hotel. Firstly he asked me how about staying at the hotel he stayed because it was affordable. He told me they had an elevator, air conditioner, fan, fridge and TV and the price was 12$. It didn't seem he wanted to stay somewhere without an elevator. (Usually, cheap hotels; actually GHs like we were staying don't have a elevator but have 5th or 6th floor. And actually, 1st floor isn't really 1st floor because there is a ground floor under the 1st floor. So, it means the 5th floor there is the 6th floor in our sense.) Anyway, as for me, it didn't matter if they have an elevator or not since I don't go back to my room so many times in a day. I already knew there were a lot of rooms that were available with 10$, so I didn't wanna compromise with the price so easily. I'm a person that saves 2$ instead of getting a few times elevator ride for 5th or 6th floor in that country, lol. The cheaper would be better as long as it's not that bad :P

However it was one of the biggest things on my wish lists (because if I couldn't find one, I would have been into a big trouble), it didn't take time to find one. I've heard there are some ladies who speak to tourists who were carrying a backpack and help them find available rooms around the area. Luckily we found one of those ladies and followed her. I've told her I've searching for hotels with 10$ and she took me to a hotel. At the hotel, the staff showed me a room with window and said 12$. I told him that the lady said 10$ and he showed me another room without window. That was 10$. I checked the room and the bathroom, and said, "OK, I'm gonna stay here tonight".

The manager of the hotel is a young guy and speaks Japanese a little bit. When I came downstairs to hand him my passport, he asked me how many days I was staying and where I was going the day. I told him my plan and left there with Scott. At this time, I didn't expect that I would hang out with this manager later when I came back from Hue.

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