October 31, 2010

It Was Something

The weather was nice on last day as well. Checking out the hostel, I took a ferry to Miyajima again. I wanted to buy souvenirs for family and co-workers. I also wanted to go to Itsukushima shirine I skipped last day. Actually, I didn't have so many things to do there, so after a few hours, I left there and took a tram for Hiroshima city.

After a hour or so, I was back where I like; the riverside beside the Atomic Bomb Dome. I put my backpack beside me sat down on the bench, then started reading a book. The weather was as nice as it was the other day, and I really liked spending relaxing time there like that until I get bored and start feeling like doing something else. After a while, I got a text message from my friend and he was almost there. So we met up and did some sightseeing together. I remember we talked about some funny things and I learned a new word "billboard", lol.

Unfortunately, enjoyable time was over soon and I was on the train for Tokyo. So, how was it anyways? In the beginning, it seemed that I couldn't get to go where I originally wanted to go. But I decided to go to Hiroshima later and went where I wanted to visit there. I spent some relaxing time, ate yummy foods, and found a way to save water; it was first time for me using a shower which works with a coin. It was 5 minutes for a coin and I wondered if I could finish everything in time. However, when we stop the tap, the count down stops as well. So, I found it possible to finish everything in 5 minutes water running :) Actually, I thought I should do the same thing at home so that I can save water (>_<)

Anyway, I spent great time during my trip. You may already know what I feel great when I travel alone, and maybe you noticed that it happened during this trip as well. I don't know how the worthless story goes, but hope that it will be nice and long :)


Web album: A Trip to Hiroshima

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