October 23, 2010

Breakfast In The Morning Sunshine

Next day, I was supposed to get up at 5 because I thought that it must be so beautiful to see the sunrise of the Atomic Bomb Dome. However, I missed it. I thought that I could make it because I have to get up at 5 once or twice every week, but maybe I slept too late for it being tired. I got up at 6 and noticed that the sunrise was going to happen in 10 minutes so I gave up...damn! I don't know how the sunrise of the dome looks like because I haven't seen any pictures and stuff, however, in my head, I had something similar to Angkor Wat that I saw in Cambodia...of course just an image, lol. I simply thought the silhouette of the dome must be beautiful in the sunrise. But anyway, I missed it...When I noticed that I wouldn't be in time, I thought if I should sleep again or not. Then, I chose getting up. I thought that it would take some time to pack everything, and if I finish it early, I would have more time in Miyajima that I was going to. So, I started preparing, and once it was done, I checked out the hotel.

Yes, I overslept and missed a thing. However, the weather was better than I expected, so it was not that bad...at least, I did the other thing that I wanted to do...*Eating breakfast at riverside*, lol. The temperature was perfect. The sky was blue, and the dome looked great in it. Filling my mouth with onigiri, I remembered the time I spent at the riverside in Hue in Vietnam...It was a very relaxing moment eating breakfast in the morning sun until I notice the sunshine was much stronger than I thought...lol. It was HOT actually. Nice view, nice air, good temperature, but HOT, orz. I didn't really want to get sunburned, so after a while, I left there for next place; the island with beautiful Shinto gate, and actually, it was the place that I wanted to visit this time so I chose going to Hiroshima (^_-)-☆ I've been there once on a school trip, but didn't remember so much because it was almost 10 years ago. I wanted to visit there again...maybe not alone when I thought about it before, but it was time to go by myself, lol. Maybe I wanted to be healed by sacred structures which have strong power and impression...who knows.

I think I was almost sleeping on the train. I took a tram there because I had a pass. It took longer than taking JR line, but since my style of traveling changed from what it was some years ago, it was alright. The efficient way can't be the best way all the time ;) Anyway, I was excited to see the beautiful gate, and a little bit more excited about staying at a dorm for the first time; which is one of the things on my wish list that I couldn't accomplish last time :P

Web album: A Trip to Hiroshima

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