October 28, 2010


Freezing day like today brings me back some memories. They are not so bad, but I can't deny that there is something negative. It'll be good if I can just be in the warm room heated by stove and sit in front of the computer holding a cup of hot sweet cocoa. However, the day came all of a sudden and I couldn't prepare anything about it. There is a song that plays in my head sometimes when I feel winter; Snow Smile. When I realized that It's already been almost a year since I posted the post, I felt something impressive. Time goes by so quickly.

I don't dislike reading posts that I posted in the past. I'd rather read them actually when I feel like it. Reading them, I can know how I've lived because the posts are filled with my thoughts and feelings I had at that time...I was mad sometimes, glad, worried, and even wept being impressed by small things. Going back through those memories, I come across those feelings I had. They are nothing more or less than my footprints on the way I passed. Even though I put them into a toy box and don't open it so often, I want to leave the box right beside me so I can open it whenever I feel like it.

It just doesn't move me when I hear something that people tell when I talk about a topic. It's something pointless and I can't feel anything from it. However, I don't refrain from talking about it because it's just one of general topics and there is no reason to avoid it. People think that I've been stuck...Actually, I may be stuck, but it's OK because I'm OK. No one can force me move on if I don't have the will. It has to be happen naturally; when the time comes, maybe I'll move on. At least for now, I have no reason to leave there against my will, nor ideas where I want to go.

Anyway, never mind. I just remembered about fireworks.

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