October 16, 2010

I Had Dinner Twice!

When visiting the museum and hanging around the park was done, the most important time(?) came...FOOD TIME!!! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hungry and wanted to eat some local food. From the guidebook and free paper, I had thought of what to eat and decided to eat okonomiyaki :) There are two major styles of okonomiyaki in Japan; Hiroshima style and Osaka style, and usually, I prefer Osaka style. However, which stupid doesn't eat local style okonomiyaki when they visit Hiroshima :P

So, I went to a place which lots of okonomiyaki restaurants are, and went into one of them. I say, maybe that counter style restaurants are not where girls usually go alone, but without having company, there was no choice. And, to tell the truth, I do not hesitate going to such places by myself anymore. I think the other two solo trips I went through helped me become a tough girl (^_-)-☆ The only thing is, as I've mentioned in another post in the past, it's just better to have companies when I go eat because we can order lots of things and can share them. Ah, and of course having a fun conversation while eating must be much much better than eating alone silently XD

Finishing eating, I headed to Hiroshima castle because I felt like going there all of a sudden (actually, it was not on my plan). I thought that there must be a light up of the castle and wanted to see it. The park was dark when I walked away from the passage, so I used my maglight. It was actually the right choice that I brought it because it helped me watching my steps and also helped me looking at a map later in Miyajima at night.

When I walked back from the castle, I was hungry again :S I walked through the red-light district there and went into a noodle restaurant. I ordered tsukemen, and I loved it... Finally, I felt full and left there for the hotel. On my way home, I didn't take the tram to the hotel directly, but stopped by the atomic bomb dome. I just wanted to walk by the riverside back to the hotel seeing the night view :P

Web album: A Trip to Hiroshima

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