July 27, 2010

Something Fun

Last weekend, I went Mt.Tsukuba with a few people. I remember my last mountain climbing was Mt.Nokogiri in Chiba with my sister during Golden Week. The course was not that tough, but I remember we were killed by steps. But the view from Jigoku Nozoki that we went was great! Anyway, I totally didn't know anything about Mt.Tsukuba till my friend mentioned about it, but since I like hiking, there was no reason to reject going there however it was a little far from my house. We climbed climbed climbed, and reached the cable car station beside the top of the mountain (actually, the mountain has two tops; male top and female top). We got a soft ice cream to have a short break there, and accomplished both of the tops after the break (yay!). I liked the female one better :) Actually, the top was made of rocks. We sat down there, and talked about radom things. The view was great and the tough way was worth it. The sun didn't shine so strong while we were there, and there was some wind. Yes, it was a very relaxing moment. I thought I could sleep there :P

There were also a couple of funny stories while hike. When we were walking toward the top, a father and a kid came from the upper. The kid was holding a net and there were some beetles in the cage. My friend spoke to them and said "You caught a lot". But what the father said was "We bought them" and it made him laugh for some time, lol. The second story is, we met some young guys coming up when we were going down. I found them interesting since one of the guys was carrying something like a big washtub on his back. So, they caught my attention, and we caught their attention as well. OK, I tell the truth. It was not ME but the two guys walking front and behind me. They found them unique because they were making a video for an entertainment for their friends' wedding. Thus, we said congratulations in front of the video camera and celebrated strangers' wedding with pulling a cracker, lol. The interesting thing was, the bride's name is Michiko and I have a friend who is gonna get married in a few months and her name is exactly Michiko as well.

Anyway, I had fun that day and hope that I will also have fun on my off days during summer. Somehow I don't feel like being bored staying at home on off days like I used to do like before, so I want to fulfill my schedule :) As I succerfrf getting a day off on my birthday, I definitely want to do something on the day. However, I'm not sure yet. A friend and her bf told me that they wanted to make a plan, but maybe I shouldn't expect it too much. Of course, it's gonna be nice to spend time with them, however, I'm also used to be forgotten my birthday because it had been during summer vacation back in school days. So, I'm gonna make a plan B. I think it's gonna be just a daydream, but for example, I want to go to a beach somewhere. I want to bring some fireworks, some snacks and maybe beer. Listening to the songs I like, I get to the beach. I sit down somewhere and think about random things seeing the sea. When it gets dark, I put fire on fireworks. I'm sure the smell of fireworks reminds me the end of summer and made me get sentimental. I want to gaze blankly at the sea after firework and wait for the sky beginning to get brightened. Does it sound lonely? :P

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