November 30, 2010

A Guy's 婚活(konkatsu) at Wedding Reception

Related to this post, I want to say something..."Single" is translated into "独身(dokushin)" in Japanese in most cases. However, I always feel it weird because Single≠独身 :S 独身 means unmarried people. So, it doesn't matter whether they have boyfriends or girlfriends but if they are married or not...So, it may cause a problem for someone who uses "独身" to ask someone if he/she is "single" or


I've heard that the second parties of wedding are a good opportunity for finding someone and I agree with it in some degree because it's much more casual than the wedding receptions and only young people (friends of the groom and bride) are coming in most cases. Actually, I heard some people actually have such an ulterior motive beside the main reason, lol. However, I didn't think that someone showing such an intention obviously(?) during the pleasant talk time of the wedding reception. When we were chatting, one of the groom's guests came up to our table and spoke to our boss. He was wondering if we can have 合コン(goukon) with his co-workers!!! Yes, most people in our lab are unmarried female around 25~30, and some are single girls who want to be in a relationship. He told us there are some single guys around 30~35 age and they will be glad if they get an opportunity to meet some girls. Since our boss is a kind of funny guy, he cheerfully said, "Oh, evvverrrryyyyone is single here around this table so there's no problem to make such a meeting"! I was like "What the hell?!" and tried not to look at However, my seniors sounded interested in it and started to talk with him. I was kind a turned off listening to his talk, so I really didn't want to be involved.

I think she is someone that is always interested in having 合コン. I was taken there once (actually, I wanted to take a look to know how it is, lol) with her and other co-workers, but it was boring. Maybe it will depend on what type of people come, but I felt that should be much better to drink with people who don't have an intention of searching for girls in case of drinking with strangers. Anyway, I was totally not interested, and wanted her to feel the atmosphere that I was making...guess what happened? She asked me and another girl if we are coming. I KNEW THAT SHE WAS GONNA ASK! And it seems that such a meeting is actually going to be held. We'll see what will happen...LOL

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