December 6, 2010

Poor Jesus Christ...Lol

Some weeks ago, in Moromon English class, we talked about holidays. The Elder handed each of us a piece of paper and there were some pictures related to Japanese and American holidays on it. He told me to choose one and explain in English. While having a few events which we are not familiar with Japanese; like Halloween and Thanksgiving, there was something that we definitely know like Christmas or Valentine's day. We started explaining or saying words related to the holiday/events, and when it came to a highschool girl's turn, she shocked me. Her topic was about "Christmas" but what she mentioned is only about Santa Claus, presents and pretty Christmas lights which we call "Christmas illumination", lol. Didn't she miss a very important thing???

Hey, of course I know Christmas is mostly recognized just as an event in Japan. Especially for young people, Chiristmas Eve is something just like "Lovers' night". Beautiful Christmas lights are settled in the cities when December starts, and people go to see them. Couples reserve nice restaurants and hotels, buy sweet Christmas present for the one they love and spend a ROMANTIC night ;) Every girl expects their boyfriends to make them feel special on the special day, so the closer the day comes, the more their brains are occupied with the ideas to how to spend the special night with the one they are in love with. I'm afraid to say this, but some Japanese may not know what day the Christmas day originally comes from. However, the highschool girl is coming to the church which is related to Jesus Christ...Even though she isn't a member of church, how dare she didn't mention about the Christ's birthday being in a church, lol. Since she didn't mention about Jesus Christ, the Elder had to say something about it afterward...:P Anyway, I hope that she will spend a good Christmas Eve if she has someone...And I'm sure she won't remember about Jesus Christ while spending a ROMANTIC time ;)

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