August 2, 2010

My Heart Flies Back To Vietnam

Today was not a very hot day. Since I was off, I got to sleep more than usual and woke up around 8:30. I already had a plan what to do...I wanted to go shopping to buy some stuff to make my hair up. It looked like it would be the last one that I need for the party since I had already bought a pair of earrings the other day when I was going to meet Mariko; the girl that I met in Vietnam. Since both of us wanted to make girls' meeting, we organized it and finally we met up 3 days ago :)

I enjoyed the other meeting; almost two months ago with Satoshi and Mariko, but didn't get a chance to have girls' conversation. So that's why we wanted to make that meeting. She is cute and smart, so that I thought that I thought it would be nice if we could become good friends :) Actually, we talked about a lot of things when we met up. But I feel that I talked too much :S I talkied about my idea about relationship and what I do for fun; the thing that I put some energy on (I'm sure some friends know what it is). I showed her some of my works (but honestly I don't feel those are my works, but the other people's :S). She told me that I'm positive. I don't think I'm a positive thinking person, however, I don't deny that I'm getting some good infection by doing it.

Firstly, it makes me feel like paying attention a little bit more about myself. However it's just a few times thing in a couple of month, it does something on me. It makes me feel like making small efforts to stay pretty :) I can't make such a great efforts nor spend a lot of money on it, but do some small things. For example, I practiced drawing eye lines (I hadn't used eyeliner before) and making a new hairstyle. I know that I can't be super pretty but at least there is something that I can do not to be rude. I think it's a kind of rude if I don't do anything when I help someone however it's a play for me (it's a serious play tho). Maybe those stories made Mariko feel that I'm positive. Listening to me, she said she has to start acting as well. It was interesting that we have some similar opinions about certain things.

By the way, the rest of Team Tokyo; Satoshi, is in Vietnam again from today. I remember that he told us that he would stay at Duong's hotel again. I sent him a message last night and told him to say hello to him if he meets him. I also sent an email to Duong but haven't received the reply yet. Now I envy Satioshi a lot and feel like visiting Vietnam again. Sitting at a stall, drinking a glass of beer with ice and having fun conversations. There must be another great encounter for Satoshi being in Vietnam :)

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