May 13, 2012

Why Taipei?

If you say life is like a box of chocolate, I definitely say my short trip to was one of the small ones. I may find out in the end that it was a big one, but can't tell it now because I never know what will happen in the future until it actually happens. Before flying there, I didn't know almost anything about Taiwan (Probably I still don't), just have heard of a great museum in Taipei. So, why I picked up that country was just because I wanted to escape and breathe in fresh air, which is just translated as "I wanna go somewhere far and experience something unusual." as I feel daily, and also because of my schedule availability. Luckily, it worked amazingly in a way which I never expected and I really feel like going there again whenever I get a chance. I start talking about it!

* * * * *

I'm sorry to say this, but I didn't know about the country so much. It was one of those countries that I thought I would probably visit sometime in the future when I have time because they are not so far from Japan. Even after I got tickets for Taipei, I didn't really know where to go nor which season is actually good to visit. (I found out it was one of the perfect seasons to go some days after booking tickets, and felt I was lucky!) For some reason, I got to stay over at a locals place (Probably I'll post about it when I get a chance), but except that, I didn't so much ideas but having a few locations I shouldn't miss in my mind. Even about the place to sleep, there was a possibility that I wouldn't stay there. Actually I copied some information about cheap hostels and carried it on me for the case.

So, it was a trip that
● There was a few place that I probably I visit but not sure when (I thought it would depend on the weather and situation).
● There was a place that I possibly stay, but not sure if I would really stay because of the security reason.
● I wanted to follow my instinct and let things happen as long as I like it.

Packing my stuff and some souvenirs for the person I would meet in my smaller backpack, I left Japan for the short journey. And telling the truth, at that time, I had already started feeling something fun would happen there...So from here, my story in Taiwan starts :)

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