May 15, 2012

Dinner, Tapioca, Live Music!

So, let me tell you how things went before we went home.

We took MRT to Jingmei station. There is a night market, and we walked around there for a while. He took me to a small restaurant (actually a stall?), that he recommends. We had dinner there, and we enjoyed the conversation. Since I knew he was learning my language, I'd already decided to keep talking to him in Japanese as long as he doesn't feel uncomfortable about it. As I talk with native speakers in English sometimes, I probably know how it feels like to him, especially when he doesn't understand what I speak. However, I think our conversation went well and moreover, it was enjoyable. When he didn't understand words, I just wrote them on my small notebook and showed him. He understood the meaning in most cases because we share the same/similar characters in our languages.

When we finished eating, I suddenly felt like having a tapioca tea! I thought of grabbing one just somewhere, but he took me to a place that is popular about it. We went back to the station and took a train to go there. (Don't you feel it troublesome if you were him? Probably you just take me to somewhere near by? I had no idea when we were going there at that time, but noticed that it was really nice of him that he did it when we actually came back to Jingmei station later). And he even bought me one because I couldn't find my wallet quickly (T_T). Oh my...

So, grabbing the tea, we walked around the area and I found a school. He told me that is the best university in Taipei and I wondered...if I can come in♥, lol. It's always fun to take a look of what local people do :P So, we entered the gate, walked there (didn't go inside of the buildings of course!) and reached to a hall that some people were playing music inside. He told me its a very popular artist group in Taiwan, and we were lucky to get to listen to their music by chance (and it was free!).

We stopped there and sat down. We talked abut random things while listening to music and I found myself NOT FEELING AWKWARD AT ALL being with him (I swear, it's a rare thing) and even enjoyed it. At that time, my sleeping place was settled finally:)

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