April 20, 2012

At The Local Restaurant

So, I followed Hari and we went to a...small local restaurant that seemed tourists never come unless they are taken by locals.

Let me describe how local the restaurant was; Inside the restaurant was kind of dimly-lit, and there were two middle aged guys taking the seats by the table and were watching TV at the bottom of the room. Next to them, across the aisle, two school girls were doing assignment. There were a few more people in the kitchen.

I came in with Hari, and took a seat in front of the two guys. Everyone looked at me curiously and I it was enough to let me know that such a thing was something irregular to them; seeing a Japanese girl there. The two guys spoke to me in English and we started chatting. The TV was turned off soon and more people came. I don't remember what exactly we talked about. But, maybe it was something random about Japan and Nepal. We also talked where I was planning to go next day, and Hari told me that his friend would give me a ride if I want. I didn't take the offer in the end, but thought it was very kind of them to be nice to me like that. While chatting, me and Hari kept drinking Nepali whiskey(maybe) with sprite. We also had something like fried chicken skin. Enjoying there, there was a black out. It seemed such a thing happens sometime, so they turned on the back up light and started dancing with the radio sound. You have no idea how good I felt. I just kept drinking and drinking and people were dancing around :)

Anyway, we spent great time there and he took me to the hostel because I said I was not sure how to go back. I was also so drunk at that time...actually I had never got drunk that much before. I think I didn't even walk straightly and Hari actually held my shoulders sometime while walking, lol. However, the time we took to get there was much shorter than when I came there...I think that's because we took a short cut. When I finally got back to my room, I felt sick because of the alcohol. I thought I shouldn't drink like that again, especially when I travel by myself like that; I thought that there might be a chance that I would get into a trouble if he was a bad person. (However, next night, I was drinking with another person again (that time, Nepali Rum)...of course without getting drunk ;-))

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