May 14, 2012

To Taipei Main Station And Seeing My Host

"Getting to Taipei Main Station." It was my first mission in Taiwan. I arrived at Taoyuan International Airport on time, passed the immigration counter smoothly and walked to the bus stop which I can take a bus for HSR station. It was a recommended way from my host and I sent him a message quickly while walking there. It won't be such a short story to follow the line why I was hosted by him, but in short, it was the result of my instinct for what happened by chance. I knew that it would be convenient just to stay at a hotel or somewhere around Taipei main station, but I let it be a backup for the case if I don't choose staying at his place. Even I hadn't seen in person nor talked via phone, I had a positive impression from his profile and some information I had, and exchanging messages with him, it made the impression stronger; I probably will get along with this person and maybe we can be good friends.

Walking for a few minutes, I got to the bus counter and bought a ticket. There were people mostly who look locals in the bus, and the floor was filled with luggage. I got a seat there and enjoyed the bus ride to the station. Bus ride and HSR, after 1~1.5 hours, I finally got to Taipei Main Station which was our first meeting point :)

The station was huge and I was a kind of lost there. I wandered for a while and finally got to the floor he appointed. However, I wanted to go to the tourist information desk firstly to get an account and address for a free wi-fi. After getting those information, I went to the meeting point. There was a funny happening before get there; I was spoken to by a local guy in Japanese and he almost handed me a candy and wanted to take me somewhere, lol. Anyway, soon after reaching there, I found who I was searching for. He looked a little bit surprised because I didn't carry a "luggage" but just a backpack which is not so big. He asked if I was hungry and I said yes. So, we decided to stop by a night market near by house on our way home.

It was actually good for me to find out if I'd feel comfortable staying at his place. As I mentioned before, there was a possibility that I wouldn't stay and choose a back up plan. In the end, it went to a positive direction. For the present, I decided to stay there during my journey...unless something uncomfortable happens later.

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