June 3, 2012

More Sightseeing By Myself

I liked the historical area, but there was not so much to see. Not every building was available to see inside, and they are not as unique as I expected. However, there were some paintings on the wall and I loved it...Since I really wanted to take a picture having the wall behind me, I asked a Japanese tourist to take my picture. Unfortunately, the picture isn't so good (I'm sorry!!) and I wished if I had a photographer there...I was sure we could "play" with the wall and it would let us take some cool pictures! Too bad that I couldn't make it but I just took some more pictures by myself using the window across the wall like a mirror...Lol. After that, I took MRT again and moved to Yuanshan station to visit two sightseeing spots; Confucius Temple and Martyrs Shrine.

I went to Confucius Temple firstly, and then, Martyrs Shrine. When I got to the Martyrs Shrine, I called my host and told him where I was and where going next. He told me he would come to the Palace Museum and would try to contact me when he get there. When I finished the call, I found the ceremony of changing the guards just started and it was exactly my purpose of visiting there! So I watched it, and then, walked around there, watched it again because the next one started while I was there, and went back to the station. It was such a great day...the weather was amazingly fine...but HOT. I was a little bit tired being under the sunshine, and also hungry. I found a small restaurant beside the station and had lunch. When I went in, a girl showed me the menu but I was not sure what they were. The menu was only in Chinese and the girl also spoke to me in Chinese. I asked her if she speaks English or Japanese. It seemed she doesn't speak both but she called her mom (maybe) and she spoke some English and Japanese! So I finally got to order my lunch (Yay!). It was my first time eating xiaolongbao in Taiwan as well, which had been on my mind. However, they didn't taste that good (It was OK though and I got to eat much better ones later at night market!) When I finished eating, I asked the staff how to get to the museum. She told me I had to take MRT to next station, and take a bus. I was excited going there because the museum and Shilin Night Market were exactly the two of three places that I shouldn't miss in Taipei!

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