June 21, 2012

Local Market And The Ride

Next morning, I woke up and prepared for going out. When I went to the living room, he was there and told me he was going to a local market near by house to get breakfast. LOCAL MARKET...what a beautiful sound! There was no wonder that I came with him and took a look of it. We walked for 5 minutes or so and got to the market. I love markets (Maybe you already know)!! I took a look of almost every store we were passed by, and asked him such questions like, "What is that? I never see it in Japan", or "Is it very common to sell them like this?" etc. And he was such a nice guy who patiently answered those questions.

When we came in front of an everyday dish store, I told him that I wanted to get something. I'd been feeling that I hadn't taken enough vegetables since I got to Taiwan, and really wanted them. I chose two and he told the store clerk which ones. He was about to pay but I told him not to because it was me that wanted to get them. However, he told me to pay just half of it because he was gonna eat them too. Man, I do not know how many times I owed him :( Anyway, we bought them, walked there a little bit more, and went back home. On the way home, he stopped by a soymilk store and bought two of them (One was mine). He also bought something looked like bread (they had some dish inside) and we went back to his apartment.

After breakfast, he told me that he would give me a ride to the station. I hesitated over if I should take the offer or take a bus in my mind for a sec. However, I chose taking his offer. Thus, I was holding his shoulders behind him on his motorcycle after 5 minutes. It had been a while since I did it last time, and it was in Cambodia. You know, I loved it! The weather was nice and the wind I felt was comfortable. I was wondering which station we were going to, because he took the way that is not going toward the nearest station. We drove along the streets, passed in front of his workplace, and finally got to the station. He told me I didn't have to transfer, and I thought it was nice of him that he took me to the farther station which he really didn't have to. And this is what I found out after I came back to Japan; He didn't really have to take me to that station because if he mentions just about the inconvenience of transferring, he could drop me off to the station which we always took taxi for home since it is on the same line! He brought me two more stations closer to my destination and I really appreciated his sweetness! Getting off the motorcycle, I reconfirmed him which station and what time, because we were meeting up later for Chiufen that day :D

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