June 4, 2012

Is It A Date? Lol

The museum was huge and there was a lot of exhibitions. My guide book says you can spend half a day if you see each thing seriously. However, I'm not such a serious visitor so I didn't think I would spend so much time there. I like going to museums, but usually I don't try to grasp things, just walk and see things as I feel like. So, actually, it didn't take that long for me to take a look of everything. However, there was line ups for two most popular exhibitions, and I couldn't keep my pace there. But about others, I could see them as I liked. Sometimes, I stopped and listened to a tour guide explaining things for Japanese group tourists. Sometimes, gazed at things that caught my attention. Even being free there, I didn't forget to try calling him as he wanted, lol. He told me to contact him at a specific time when I called him at Confucius Temple, however, he didn't get the phone. After trying a few times, I gave it up and kept seeing things. When I finally finished, I came downstairs and try to contact him again using wi-fi. It didn't matter for me so much if he replies or not, because I was a free bird and didn't actually need a companion (lol). However, finally, I got to know he was coming in 20 minutes. So I waited for him taking a look of the museum shop.

I didn't realize it at that time, but found out probably he didn't have to come all the way there but could just told me to come to a MRT station or somewhere. As soon as we met up, we moved to the bus stop to catch a bus to the station. It was good for me though because I got a chance to ask someone to take a picture of us, and actually, the picture is one of my most favorite ones during the trip :) Getting off the bus, we walked toward the Shilin Night Market. There were some stores on the street and one of them caught my attention. It was a normal clothes store and I asked him if I could take a look. The products were my type and it turned me on to "Shopping mode". The store clerk who spoke to me was a cute woman but she doesn't speak English nor Japanese. Then, he naturally helped us as a translator and I even tried some clothes on! I was wondering if it was not boring for him because I know some guys don't like go shopping with girls even if she is his girlfriend. How kind he is to keep a tourist girl company for absolutely not traveler's shopping but for just a girl...lol. More over, he even gave some comments for each clothes I tried! I finally didn't buy anything but really appreciated what he did. I felt it was like a normal date and I think I enjoyed it quite a bit...:P Since I was concentrating on changing and looking at clothes too much, I didn't even realize he was taking some pictures with cell phone...and he surprised me with sending them later when I came back to Japan.

Anyway, after my normal window shopping, we finally got to the Market. I found a stall selling xiaolongbao, and told him that I wanted to eat. There was a spicy one and normal one and I asked him which he prefers. Since he said both sounded good, I ordered a spicy one (actually he ordered) and quickly gave them money. He tried to stop me but I was the winner!! He looked a little bit confused and told me he would pay. However, I told him I was the one who wanted to eat. I also thought I had already owed him too much (I don't know how many times he spent small money for food that we shared and he didn't really have to). So, he let me win this time but also told me he would pay for the next meal. The xiaolongbao was much better than the one I had for lunch. He said it was tasty but it seemed that it was too spicy for him...and I wondered why he didn't tell me he is not so good at eating spicy food since I actually asked him which was good for him, lol.

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