September 26, 2010

Escape From The Night Amusement Park

I used to play escape game online a lot and really loved it. Recently, my sister found a real escape game whose title is "Escape From The Night Amusement Park". We bought tickets and were looking forward it. Last night, 1000 people were locked into a night amusement park and had to solve questions to find a way to escape from there. We reached the last question but couldn't solve everything in time. So, we failed :'( However, it was fun!! I definitely want to join some of them again :)

Actually, my friends wanted to join as well, but since the events are very popular, tickets were already sold out...It was very quick.

So, why don't you like to join one of such fun events? ;) You'll enjoy it...but I don't deny you have to have great companies unless you're smart :P


Jeff said...

mm.. don't think I've ever heard or seen anything similar to that here in the states..

ばれりー said...

Oh, really? But it's a new style of events here too I guess. However the tickets are sold out so quickly every time, I don't think it's popular among everyone. Mostly certain people who like playing online escape games :)