September 13, 2010

I Require Common Sense To Become Friends

I just remembered one of my friends has told me that how many drawers you get tells how much your boyfriend loves you...

Last Sunday was hot. I was removing summer clothes from my drawers and put some clothes for coming fall. It took more than I expected, but I finished around 2 o'clock. Then, I thought what to do. I remembered that my mom told me that there was a Sri Lanka festival at Yoyogi park. So I decided to head there. I thought it's gonna be nice if I would eat some Sri Lankan curry and read a book outside some tea beside watching the show. I've noticed that from some point, my style of spending time has changed. I won't say I always love to go to places by myself, however, I don't want to refrain from going somewhere because of having no companies. Maybe slowly...where I can go by myself has kept expanding since I traveled alone for the first time.

Going somewhere alone has positive side but also negative side. For instance, about festivals like that, I can watch shows as much as I want without being bothered by taking care of people that I'm with. And I can eat anything, whenever I want if I feel hungry. However, when I'm alone, there is no one to talk to sometime (because I'm too shy to speak to strangers) and what I eat will be limited because I don't have anyone to share. Yeah, enjoyed the festival anyways but can't deny there was something that I felt not too comfortable.

It was not a big thing but was enough to make me disgusted. When I was walking back to the station, two Sri Lankan guys asked me where Yoyogi station is. Since I didn't know, I told them that I don't know, but also said we could go to Harajuku station together if they didn't mind. So, we started walking together and they started asking me some questions like where I live, if I came alone, etc. They told me that they came to his friend's place by car, but once they noticed that we live in the same direction (they live farther tho), they started recommending me to go home by their car. And how funny, they said "大丈夫?" to me when I rejected!! 大丈夫(daijobu)'s one of very useful words in Japanese. I think お願いします(onegaishimasu) and 大丈夫(daijobu) are the most useful words beside greeting. Anyway, they said 大丈夫? to me in the situation, which means "Are you OK (to go home alone)?" HOW DARE!!! Are there any people who are not stupid to say such things? How can it be dangerous for a 26 year old girl to go back home by train compared to be in a car with two stranger guys, huh? Or do I look like a girl that is taken by guys easily? I hope that it's not the latter. So, it's a very unfortunate thing to know that I couldn't find a common sense in the foreigners who have been living in Japan for 6 years.

Mmm, it's hard to end up a day with just comfortable feelings sometimes :S


マケイブ said...

おひとりさんだね。Actually I think 退け!and 黙れ!are the most useful words in Japanese.(笑)

"HOW DARE!!!"... huh? maybe, "how dare they say such a thing!!!"

ばれりー said...

Yup, how dare they say such things, lol.