September 13, 2016

Miracle Haircut Experience!

I've experienced a special cutting technique; Revise dry cut.
Probably you wonder what it, let me explain about it.
It's a registered brand name of a method for cutting hair.

With their original theory, they analyze you. They look at your dried hair, how it flows, volume and the feel of the bundle, also with your head skeleton, hair type, and face shape. And cut as finely as you make a sculpture.

There for,
It matches well to your face.
The shape lasts long.
Easy to set by yourself.

So, it's a miracle haircut!!

If you have always felt like a Cinderella (I mean, if you feel you look great on the day you went to a hair salon but feel just as usual from the next day), you should try it!

I heard there are some customers coming from far region, or some even live overseas visit the salon when they come back to Japan temporarily.

Here is the hair salon.

I'm personally expecting feeling the difference especially about "Shape lasting" and "Easy to set by yourself" after two months from today :)

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