August 8, 2016

Doing Good Through The Power Of Sharing

Today, one of my friends told me about "Wowapp"..
It's an app that you can use like "Whatsapp" or "LINE".

You can chat, call, earn and share and do good whild doing so by using this app.
There is nothing complicated and it's free.

If so, there is no reason I don't try.
So, I'm already using this app to talk to my partner.

It also has some options that you can call local phone, cellphone and you can even get a local number using pay options.

It doesn't have so many stickers as LINE (I don't know if you are a sticker freak, lol) but the quality of the call etc was better than I expected.

But I assume, the more people join, the more possibility they get sponsors and the App will be better.

So, why don't you join the Wowapp community and discover the power of sharing ?

This is how it works "Good" for everyone↓↓↓

If it caught your attention, there is no reason not to try it :P

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