November 6, 2012

Dishes And Heading Back To Taipei

On the way back to Keelung station, we stopped by a Taiwanese 居酒屋. I told him before I wanted to go there and they actually made my dream come true. We had beer (Of course the driver didn't :P), Taiwanese food and I enjoyed them a lot. The ordering system of Taiwanese restaurants is different from what we usually have in Japan. There are small peaces of papers (Actually, menu), you write how many of them you want beside the name of the food, and give it to the waiter. Since I had no idea what there are on the menu list...I let them order everything.

They ordered food more than I expected. We talked about a lot of things over those local dishes, and I felt very happy being there sharing time with them. What a lucky girl I was ;P When we became full, there were still some food remained on plates, and they told the waiter that they want to bring it back home. Soon, the food was brought in small plastic bags. I know it's surprising if you're Japanese because it has to be tappers if it's possible and basically, we can't do that. I heard it's very common in Taiwan though, so I told it's not in Japan. Why? Because, they can't be responsible about the food that become old when they bring back home.

Anyway, having a full stomach, we got to the station, and his friend drove back home. I really really appreciated his kindness he did for just a tourist like me. He didn't even know about me before, but did all the favor. Saying bye to him, we went to the bus stop and took a bus to Taipei. My body was exhausted, but didn't feel awkward nor troublesome after spending most of the day with someone specific, and it was a very rare thing for me. I actually liked the atmosphere, and was relaxed. You can tell it from my status on the bus; Dozing beside a guy that I can't really say "I know him well" in a strange place.

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