October 10, 2012

Chiufen, The Place With Warm Lanterns

I say, I enjoyed the half day trip to Chiufen quite a bit. His friend came to pick us up to the station, and we approached to Chiufen from backside. The way we took was where mostly only the locals pass. We stopped by a restaurant, had a late lunch, and also stopped by a few more places to take pictures or for a museum. I saw almost no foreigner tourists in those places and it made me so excited. His kind friend explained me a lot of things about the places. It was an unfortunate thing that my English is not good enough to understand everything, but I think I got the entire thing roughly.

When we got to Chiufen, we had traditional sweets, and looked around the town. I found there my favorite thing...Almond powder! We call it 杏仁 and we usually find it used for sweets at Chinese restaurants or at supermarkets in Japan. However, I don't think we have such a tea. I had a cup of almond tea in Taipei city, and loved it. So, I think it was a destiny I found the store selling the powder in Chiufen, lol. When I bought one bag, and receiving the change, my friend told me that the store clerk gave me a discount...so I said 謝謝. Being with them, I didn't have any problem hanging out there. I even didn't have to worry getting late or about transportation. I was definitely in a relax mood which is unusual while traveling alone. It was lie being a little princess protected by two knights :P

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