November 6, 2012

Bye Bye Taiwan

Yes, it was the last day...and I had to go back home. He was already up when I went to the living room after packing everything. He was about to leave for work. We went downstairs. Seeing him off, I wanted to show my appreciation, but didn't know how to do express because those things, that I received from him gave me an extraordinary impression and I didn't know they way to show my feelings. So I put all the gratitude to the words "Thank you for everything" and a hug.

So he left, and I went to the local market again. Most of the stores were closed because it was on a weekday, and I felt it was much more fun the day before when we hung out together. I got bored soon, and came back to the apartment to finally leave the place. Before going to the airport, I stopped by 中山 and went to a big supermarket. I wanted to get some local things as souvenir for friends. I bought many things and my extra bag was filled with stuff (Believe me, it was 10kg!!) Walking back to the station carrying a backpack and the bag, I felt a kind of funny because I remembered I do not need knights who bring me where I want to come and carry my stuff. I was a solo tourist as I usually am.

When I got to Taipei main station, I had "Last supper" at the food court. There were two Japanese and one Taiwanese sitting at the same table and my ears caught some Japanese words they spoke and it sounded like a business talk. I wasn't interested in it as you expect, so I concentrated on eating and talking to myself (In mind). was my trip so far?
It was surprisingly amazing due to the unexpected circumstances I had by chance.
I vaguely felt probably I would miss Taiwan...probably not Taiwan but all the experiences I had there, just like as I miss my Singaporean friends.

I think I can't stop opening a box of chocolate because I want to know what it has inside. So that I can't stop traveling :) Next destination will be a country I really wanted to come since before. be continued? :P

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