February 1, 2012

Until I Took A Local Bus For The First Time

The second day in Kathmandu, became mostly my first adventurous day in Nepal. I woke up, prepared and left the hostel. I was searching for somewhere to eat breakfast. When I was walking, I was spoken by a guy and he wanted to take me his picture. Since he was a tourist, I thought that he wanted the street as his background. So I took a picture in that way; set him in the edge and took lots of space for the background. However, he didn't like the picture. He wanted himself in the middle of the picture...it's what we call hinomaru picture (Japanese flag picture). He looked satisfied when he saw the second picture (but I was wondering if he had to take picture right there, lol). Then, he asked me what I was doing and I told him I was searching for a place to eat breakfast. "Yummy and cheap", that's what I required. He told me he knows a cheap cafe near his hostel, and took me there. It was actually a cafe...maybe cheaper than other similar places...not what exactly I wanted, but anyway, we went in.

His name is Rashid and he is from Dubai. We talked about the places we were planning to visit. Actually, he just visited Nagarkot, the place I was planning to visit in a few days. He showed me some pictures from there, and after while, we exchanged contact information and separated.

After breakfast, I headed to see Durbar Square. However, I met a local guy on my way there and he showed me around there. There was also another guy came with us...actually a beggar coming with us, explained things like a tour guide but and finally asked me for money. I just rejected. I don't know what is right or wrong, but I just don't give them money and it's my rule. After walking around, (I didn't get to see the Durbar Square that time, lol), I asked him to tell me the bus station to go to Boudhanath; the biggest stupa in Nepal. I'm sure that I've mentioned about this before...but I LOVE taking local buses while traveling abroad because I got to see some normal people's life there. My first local bus experience in Nepal was...riding what doesn't really look like a "bus" for us; it was nothing but a dirty white station wagon, but I LIKED IT! Play the video and take a look of how the bus ride was ;)

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