April 16, 2014

Dancing Salsa Under The Christmas Lights

Unfortunately, I can't create anything with hands like her for now. However, I have some ideas just to have fun with friends and that is one of the outputs and that is dancing somewhere that looks impromptu (But where I believe it must be fun).

When a lot of Christmas lights started to appear in the city, I just wondered if it was possible to dance under such lights. I started dancing Cuban salsa in June last year, and was enjoying it. Firstly, I thought about finding somewhere which has space enough to dance, and play just one song, then dance and leave. I asked my most favorite friend to dance with if he would help my dream become reality. However, his answer was no. He told me that the lights are every one's so we can't occupy. He also asked me if I have the way to play music there. It was a disappointing moment for me. I was sad. However, I couldn't give it up. A few days later, I told some friends about my idea when I went to take a lesson. And you know, I got a positive reaction from them!

Thus, my small dream was carried to be reality owing friends. Four people gathered beside the Christmas tree and we danced! And that night definitely became one of the most impressive days in my life.

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Rene said...

Must've been amazing!